Sabbatical Renewal for the congregation:

During the course of this coming week please consider your Family Life


Midway between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day please take some time to consider your family relationships and involvement.   Scripture is full of encouragement, instruction and advice on family relationships between parents/children, husband/wife and siblings.   At the same time, as Jesus called his disciples he had some fairly straight forward words that family relationships can’t stand in the way of our spiritual relationships and growth.  You are encouraged to take some time this week to meditate on some of the scriptures surrounding family.   As you do so consider the following:

  1. Is family involvement and focus in balance with your spiritual life? Or does family life crowd out your focus on spiritual growth? Conversely are you so busy with your church life or other priorities that you pay little attention to your family life and reationships?
  2. If this area is balanced, how might you encourage your healthy patterns to be stronger? Do you pray regularly for your family? Do you focus on and celebrate spiritual growth in your family?
  3. Family life can be hard and sometimes we can create barriers in our family relationships and dynamics – are there steps you need to take to begin to restore family relationships that may be suffering? Are you willing to take that first step without expecting anything in return? Remember what Jesus has done for us.
  4. Can you identify people around you or people in church that have little or no family connection in the area that you could take steps to include in some of your family activities?
  5. Within your family dynamics can you name what gives you great joy and energy? As well as what gives you disappointment and exhaustion?