Sabbatical Renewal for the congregation:

This week’s topic for consideration is: Rest

Summer is the traditional time for periods of rest and refreshment and this week you are encouraged to reflect on your approach to periods of rest. Consider Matthew 11:28-30 and please also distinguish this call to rest from the weekly Sabbath rest instructed in the 3rd commandment.    As you do so consider the following:

  1. Do you have adequate balance so that you can enjoy periods of meaningful rest alongside your more normal routines? Have you allowed your normal routines to become so demanding and vigorous that you do not take times for periods of rest? Conversely are you so oriented towards rest that you find yourself constantly focused on the next break and neglecting your ongoing responsibilities? If you are a part of a family – would your spouse and/or children answer the questions the same as you?


  1. When you do take times for rest – are they balanced and productive? Potentially is your rest so fast paced and full of activity that it is almost counter-productive and you return exhausted? Do your rest periods include time for reflection both personally and spiritually? Do your rest periods reflect a true break from your normal routines so that you can “clear your mind”?
  2. If this area is balanced, how might you encourage your healthy patterns to be stronger? If this area feels out of balance can you identify changes that you are able to make to better experience the rest Jesus spoke of in Mathew 11?
  3. Do you know what it is in your patterns of rest that gives you joy and energy? As well as what may give you disappointment and exhaustion?
  4. What will you do to allow for rest this year?