Sabbatical Renewal for the congregation:

This week’s topic for you to consider is: Community Service

Jesus summarized the commandments succinctly with a call to love God above all and to love your neighbor as yourself.   This week you are encouraged to reflect on your love for your neighbor and more particularly your service to the broader community – Galatians 6:10 encourages us to do good for all people. 

Here are some questions to guide you through this topic:


  1. Is there a component in your life of giving of your time or resources for the common good of all people? Can you do those things without expectation of any personal benefit or reward? Are you able to simply give of yourself without placing any expectation on the receiver?  Or perhaps do you channel your efforts based on a “perceived worthiness” of the receiver?


  1. Do you find joy in simply giving of yourself for the common good of others? Do you embrace that interacting in the broader community can provide opportunity for witness? Like other areas of life, community service can become a huge commitment and detract from other areas of life – do you have a healthy balance?
  2. If this area is balanced, how might you encourage your healthy patterns to be stronger? If this area feels too important, what negative or unhealthy patterns can you identify that need to be removed? How might you go about removing them?
  3. If it is not important enough, what practice or habit could you add to refocus your time or energy here to add more balance?
  4. Can you name within this area what gives you great joy and energy? As well as what gives you disappointment and exhaustion?