Sabbatical Renewal for the congregation:

This week’s topic for you to consider is: Education/Learning/Mentoring

As we bring children for baptism we routinely make promises with respect to the child. As parents we promise to seek to train the child in righteousness.  As members of the congregation we promise to come along side of the parents and help them achieve that training.  This is clearly one of the greatest responsibilities as a church and one that Sully CRC has highly valued throughout its history.  Even so, in the summer months we find ourselves in a vacation period from the routine school and church education programs and it may be a good time to consider how well we are upholding our baptismal promises.    

Here are some questions to guide you through this topic:


  1. In your particular season of life can you identify ways in which you are intentionally seeking to carry out your vow? As parents are you actively training/teaching your child and making that the highest priority? Are you engaging others and actively taking advantage of available programs and resources to assist you in training your child? As church members are you willing to teach/instruct/guide/mentor children/youth/young adults to encourage them on their spiritual journey? Are you active in prayer for the spiritual development of our covenant children?
  2. If this area is an area that you feel you are giving adequate attention are there additional considerations that could make it even stronger?
  3. If this is an area that needs to be strengthened what negative or unhealthy patterns can you identify that need to be removed? How might you go about removing them?
  4. Can you identify an area where you are gifted or experiences you have had that could help encourage young families as they seek to raise their children? Are you actively using those gifts and/or sharing those experiences?
  5. Do you have the gift of being able to relate particularly well with young children, teens or young adults? If so are you actively seeking to exercise that gift and mentor?