Sabbatical Renewal for the congregation:

Over the past several weeks we have been encouraged to look at the following areas in our lives: Work, Finances, Time, Leisure, Habits, Social Life, Church Life, Family, Country/Politics, Rest, Community Service and Education/Learning/Mentoring.

          It is our prayer as Elders that as you have reviewed these areas you have been able to cultivate space in your hearts and lives so that you can more fully experience the transforming love of Christ.   We encourage you to continue in a walk of seeking to grower ever deeper in your relationship with Christ.   Out of the overflow of that deepening relationship, we pray that you may be salt and light to those you encounter and interact with from day to day.  

          Over the next few weeks, as we prepare to welcome Pastor Brian and family back into our normal routines, please be in fervent prayer that God will have used this sabbatical period to prepare both the pastor and congregation for future service to his glory here in Sully.  Continue to consider how and where God may be calling you to serve him in the future.