Pastor Brian Ochsner

For Brian, growing up the son of an artist in Northwest Iowa came full circle when he moved to Sully, IA. That is where the art of preparing sermons met the agricultural community he was raised in. Since 2010 he has been committed to the work of creatively making Christ known so that lives are challenged and changed by the gospel.

After graduating from Calvin Theological Seminary, Brian served Brookside Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he focused on discipleship and pastoral care. Moving to Sully provided a rich environment in which he could spend more time preaching and helping people meet Jesus in the ordinary places of life.

Brian married Becky in 2005 and together they live with the motto that healthy ministry flows out of a healthy marriage. They have five children, (Ezra, Elliot, Zachary, Harris, and Hazel) and live on an acreage outside of town. Brian is an avid bow hunter, enjoys a good steak, and dark roast coffee.


Worship Coordinator

Jodi De Berg



Glenda Vander Leest

GlendaGlenda grew up in the Christian Reformed Church having been a baptized member of First Christian Reformed Church of Pella.  When Dwight and Glenda married and moved to Sully they joined the Sully Christian Reformed Church.  This church has been the center of their lives since that time. 

Glenda has been the secretary here for over 20 years, and she cherishes the opportunity it has provided to know many on a deeper level and to serve the church. 

Glenda enjoys spending time with her four children and thirteen grandchildren, having coffee with friends, she loves reading and gardening and is currently involved in prison ministry by way of correspondence with inmates in the Newton Correctional Facility.



Marv Goodyk

Marv GoodykMarv was raised in the church and taught catechism at Sully CRC.  After college, Marv taught school for several years in Minnesota where he married his wife of 50 plus years.  They moved to Sully due to his father’s health so that he could help out with the family farm.  Sully CRC has been their home ever since.  They adopted two children and now enjoy having grandchildren close by. 

Marv enjoys his work as custodian which keeps him busy and helps to make Sully CRC a great place to worship for all of us. Marv and his wife enjoy volunteering in the prison system of Iowa where they can experience the Holy Spirit working in the lives of the inmates. They feel blessed that they can serve God both in the church and the prison on a regular basis.