We live, work worship and raise our families in and around the Sully community. We consider it important to know this is where God has placed us to serve others.


We are sinners saved by grace. Being Christian is a joy-filled response to God’s incredible love shown in Jesus Christ. This means that all aspects of our lives are lived in gratitude for what Christ has done!


This is our particular way of understanding the Bible. It puts God’s word at the center, believes that grace through faith is the only way to be saved and is centered on God’s sovereign plan for all creation. It follows a general patter of God’s creative work, man’s sinful turning, God’s loving response through Christ and the promise of Christ’s final return in victory.


We are a gathering of forgiven sinners. We are a community that loves Jesus and seeks to be more like him each day. We are telling the next generation about Jesus. We believe that as the church, we are called to share the love of Christ with our neighbors, friends and community.