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Services are held weekly at 9:30 AM and 6:00 PM.

We will be having guest pastors for the remainder of July. 



Morning Worship

This series will help us wee some important practices for how ware to communicate with one another because we follow Christ. This series has the goal of preparing our hearts for practice intentional community in which our words, speech and stories help others see Jesus at work in their lives.

Waiting Again

Evening Worship

This series will help us take a look at some passages of Scripture that remind us that just as we waited for Christ’s birth, so too, we are now waiting for his return. We will look at different passages that help us be ready for the return and consider them from a uniquely Reformed perspective.

A Double Portion

Morning Worship

This sermon series will look at the amazing life of Elisha, whose simple request had a powerful impact on his life. His request was to have a double portion of faith or trust in God as did Elijah. This series will consider the places where God may be stretching our faith to trust him more fully, or hold on to him more tightly through a tenacity of faith. A Double Portion will help us see the heart of faith through the eyes of Elisha.

The Belgic Confession

Evening Worship

As one of our confessional standards, we hear this expression of our theology to be rooted in God’s word so we can be the greatest voice of hope in the world. The Belgic Confession, along with the other confessions, helps us develop a solid world and life view based on the guiding of Reformed Theology. This should help us speak clear hope into the messy brokenness of this world.

Core Values Revisited

Morning Worship

We will step back into a series of sermons that remind us of our core values of:

  • Deepened Worship
  • Renewed Minds
  • Faithful Witness
  • Healthy Relationships, and
  • Holy Habits.

  Taking two weeks per value, we will consider each of them from a new angle and see how they encourage us to walk faithfully and humbly with our God.

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