General Guidelines for Church Use

Remember: the church building is the Lord’s House.

  • As a general rule, the church building is to be used for:
    • worship,
    • church societies, and
    • family gatherings (weddings, anniversaries, graduations, baptism, profession of faith, etc.).
  • The Church Council retains authority over the building and all requests may be subject to Council approval. For use of the church, you must contact the church office at 641-594-3491.
  • Any damages to the church building and contents must be reported to the Church Office immediately. The user assumes responsibility to repair, replace, or pay for damages.
  • Items such as tables and chairs must be put back where you found them and general cleanup is the responsibility of the person using the facility.


Graduation parties, anniversary parties, family gatherings, etc:
Fellowship hall / kitchen / restrooms    $60.00

Weddings & Rehearsal: See Guidelines for Weddings

Note: No fees are charged to societies or to anyone using the building on Sunday.

Guidelines for Church Use on Sunday

  • Groups will have access to the social room, kitchen, and restrooms on the lower level only.
  • Groups may not use the sanctuary on Sunday.
  • Please make sure children remain on lower level.
  • User is responsible for all cleanup and must leave rooms in the condition they were found. Return tables and chairs to where they were. The vacuum is located in the custodian room.
  • Activities must be concluded and cleaned up no later than 4:00 p.m.

No fees are charged for Sunday use.

Kitchen Supplies

The following kitchen supplies are included with a rental:

  • 160 trays
  • 9 sets of salt and pepper / 2 sets of cream and sugar
  • 26 TBS / 119 tsp / 194 forks / 83 knives
  • 13 glass water pitchers / 7 coffee servers
  • 5 punch bowls / 2 punch servers
  • 5 round relish glass plates / 5 large round glass plates / 2 misc. serving plates
  • 6 silverware glass trays
  • There are also miscellaneous bread baskets, bowls, etc. in the cupboards

Note: If you plan to take any of the kitchen supplies out of the building, notify the Kitchen Committee.

Wedding Details

Sanctuary Wedding—$250.00
Includes service of: custodian, church equipment, use of church fellowship hall/basement, audio and visual technicians

Optional: Video recording of the wedding ceremony is available for an additional fee of $50, paid to the church.

An honorarium should be given to the officiating pastor. The amount is up to the discretion of the bride and groom but should be a minimum of $75.

The wedding rental fee is due three (3) weeks prior to the wedding ceremony, payable to Sully Christian Reformed Church, mailed/delivered to the church office.

Wedding Steps

  1. Please contact the pastor prior to your wedding date to set up an initial appointment, during which you will discuss the ceremony, pre-marital counseling, and any other issues that may be important to you.
    • If using an outside officiate, please contact Pastor Brian.
    • Due to the seasonal nature of our church calendar, we may not be able to book weddings during the Palm Sunday/Easter season, the Christmas season, or during VBS. Any seasonal decorations and musical instruments used regularly in worship cannot be moved or removed for weddings.
  2. Complete the Wedding Request Form.
    This helps confirm the date, time, facility, and wedding details you desire.
  3. Attend Pre-Marriage Counseling sessions.
    The pastor usually schedules 5–7 pre-marital counseling sessions with those couples whose weddings he officiates.

Wedding Guidelines

  • We encourage all songs for the wedding event to be Christ-centered/faith-based songs. Songs for the wedding event include: prelude, ceremony, postlude, and video/slideshow. All music must be approved by the Worship Committee and submitted to the Worship Coordinator ( at least six weeks prior to the wedding.
  • Any organist not affiliated with Sully Christian Reformed Church should contact the Worship Coordinator.
  • You are responsible for decorating the facility. Arrangements for this can be made by contact the custodian.
  • The church nursery, which has a full-length mirror and bathroom, is available for the women’s dressing room. The council room is available for the men’s dressing room.
  • Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the church facility and on the church property, including the parking lots on either side of the church.
  • No rice, confetti or birdseed may be tossed anywhere inside or outside the building. Flower petals and bubbles may be used OUTSIDE the building. Artificial flower petals may be dropped in the center aisle.
  • Lit candles (dripless) in the candelabras are permitted. Carrying lit candles is not permitted, except the unity candle. Candles are not allowed on furniture. All floors must be protected from wax with a protective covering.
  • We do not allow nail/thumbtacks to be used to fasten decorations to the chairs, pews, walls or windows. Tape is permitted if completely removed when taking down decorations.
  • Wedding dances are not permitted.
  • Church facility usage timeline: Friday nights—out by 10:30PM
    Saturday nights—out by 6:00pm
  • Upon completion, personal items are to be removed immediately following activity or moved to one room.
  • The group using the facility is responsible for any damages or additional services incurred.
  • If the kitchen is used, it must be left clean and in the same condition as it was. Do not leave any leftover food in the refrigerators, unless it is clearly marked to be used by another group. If the rehearsal supper is served at church, it is the family’s responsibility to set up, clean up and take down tables.
  • Return all chairs, tables and other items to the place from which they were taken.